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January 2021

1,066 parish households and businesses received the D&T NDP Regulation 14 Pre-submission Public Consulation Newletter/Survey.  The Newletters were sent out via the postal system as no public consultations could take place due to the Covid 19 restictions.  A copy can be found following link

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October 2020

Initial questionnaire sent out to 40 local residents with interests in Open Space and Greenspace provision to help identify priorities for Dobwalls, Trewidland and Doublebois villages.  This survey fed into the questions raised in the 2021 D&T Newsletter/Survey developed to deal with the UK Government's Covid 19  restrictions on public consultation for Neighbourhood Plans.

August 2020

First report of Cornwall Council Open Space Survey published - this study, commissioned by the D&T Parish Council in January 2020 was undertaken by Stuart Wallace, CC Landscape Officer to identify and review the open space provision across the parish villages.

March 2020

After an initial meeting with Cornwall Council Officers, the first meeting of the Greenspace Group planned to discuss issues raised by walkers (including dog walkers) and others concerned about open space and rights of way at the October 2019 Local Exhibition events.

This planned meeting was overtaken by events as the first Covid 19 Lockdown came into place in late March 2020.

February 2020

The Dobwalls and Trewidland Neighbourhood Plan document, complete with policies, was submitted to Cornwall Council for Strategic Environment Assessment (SEA) appraisal.  It was confirmed that we would not need to submit for a full sea.

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