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Welcome to the Dobwalls & Trewidland Neighbourhood Plan Website

Cornwall Council approved the Plan!

On the 24th May 2024 Cornwall Council officially adopted the Dobwalls and Trewidland Neighbourhood Development Plan which will be in place until 2030.

This means the council has to take the plan into consideration when any proposals are made for anywhere in the plan area - Dobwalls Parish and the Trewidland Ward of St Keyne & Trewidland Parish. This followed the referendum which overwhelmingly supported the plan.

The council's decision reads: "That the Dobwalls and Trewidland Neighbourhood Development Plan, having been approved by more than half of those voting at referendum held on 4 April 2024, is 'made' and is used, as part of the development plan for Cornwall, in development management decisions in the parish of Dobwalls and Trewidland, pursuant to section 38A (4) of the Planning and Compulsory Purchase Act 2004."

The full decision notice - Cornwall Council Final Decision Notice

The now 'made' plan can be viewed following the link below:

Dobwalls and Trewidland Referendum NDP

More information can be found on the Cornwall Council Neighbourhood Planning webpage.

The following documents can be found on the Cornwall Council Planning Portal under PA23/00002/NDP:

Dobwalls and Trewidland Examiner's Report

Dobwalls and Trewidland Notice of Referendum

Dobwalls and Trewidland Referendum Decision Statement

Dobwalls and Trewidland Summary of Representations

Information for Voters

Information Statement

Cornwall Council Notice Of Poll And Situation Of Stations