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Welcome to the Dobwalls & Trewidland Neighbourhood Plan Website

Where are we now!

Cornwall Council has decided the Dobwalls and Trewidland Neighbourhood Development Plan (D&T NDP) documents meet all the legal requirements for the plan to move forward to the next stage.

This means there will now be a public consultation on the plan which will run from 06 April to 31 May 2023.

There's some more information on the Cornwall Council planning portal. Just search for PA23/00002/NDP.

You can add your comments to the application by following the link below:

PA23/00002/NDP (Please note you will have to log in to make a comment)

The following documents form the Reg15 Full Submission to Cornwall Council for the proposed D&T NDP:

D&T NDP Reg15 Submission Letter

D&T NDP Reg15 Submission Checklist

D&T NDP Designated Area Map

D&T NDP Plan Submission

D&T NDP Basic Conditions Statement

D&T NDP Consultation Statement

D&T NDP Consultation Statement Appendix A

D&T NDP Consultation Statement Appendix B

D&T NDP Consultation Statement Appendix C

Front cover of our Reg 15 Plan Proposal Formal Submission 13 October 2022

D&T NDP Reg15 Plan Submission front cover

Supporting Documents:

Evidence Base Documents:

What happens next?

The public consultation on these final D&T NDP documents gives everyone in the area of the former Dobwalls and Trewidland Parish the chance to see and comment on all the proposals and policies and for statutory bodies and local organisations to do the same.

The final Cornwall Council approved documents, which will include any issues raised during the consultation, will then be checked by an independent external planning examiner, who will report their findings. If the examiner requires any changes to the documents, these will be made before the plan can be put to a referendum. All those residents on the Electoral Register in the area of the old Dobwalls and Trewidland Parish can vote on the D&T NDP. Only if a majority of those voting support the plan will it come into force.

If the plan is supported at the referendum, it will be adopted by Cornwall Council and become official planning policy for the plan area.

Mhairi Mackie, the plan co-ordinator, comments: "It has been a very long haul, several years, for all of those who have been a part of the plan steering group to get to this point. Parish boundary changes and Covid 19 have not helped, but everyone who has contributed to the process can feel that we have worked towards something valuable in setting out the ambitions for the future of the Dobwalls and Trewidland areas and their communities."

Parish Boundary Explained gives more information about the Parish Boundary changes which took place in May 2021.