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Our Future is in Our Hands!

The Dobwalls and Trewidland Neighbourhood Development Plan is an opportunity for everyone in the parish to take part in developing a vision for the future of the Parish and set objectives, strategy and policies. The Neighbourhood Plan is specific to the Dobwalls and Trewidland Parish. By developing a neighbourhood plan we can work together to decide what our priorities are and tackle challenges so that the needs of the community are met without harming our options for the future.

Resident's Survey
Resident’s Survey

Thanks to all of you who responded to the recent Residents’ Survey by the closing date of 9th July.
This Questionnaire went out to 1,008 Households in the parish and we are awaiting the results with anticipation
Housing Needs Survey

Thanks also to all those who responded to the Housing Needs Survey sent out to all households by Cornwall Council Housing Department in association with D&T NDP in March. We now have the results of this research which you can access by clicking on the red Housing button opposite.

Engaging with the local community

Roadshows - September 2018

Thanks to everyone who attended the Roadshow days in Dobwalls Memorial Hall on the 22nd and Trewidland Village Hall on the 29th September.

Response to the display of the key results from the recent Residents Survey Analysis and mapped information was good, and most of those attending spent up to an hour going through the information – asking for further details, adding their dots to the maps , and making written comments on the ‘What have we missed’ wall. We have compiled a list of these written comments.



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