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Business, Employment and Jobs

The Business, Employment and Jobs topic group, set up in 2017 (Roger Thomson, Brian Clark, Bill Davies) gathered a range of information related to issues raised as particularly significant in the initial NDP Questionnaire responses in April 2017.

The Business, Economy and Jobs Evidence Base Report gathers this information together.  It covers key National and Local Planning policies and guidance, and draws together all relevant information available on this topic area and identified issues that emerged from the research e.g.
  • What are the characteristics of local employment in and around the Parish?
  • How can we protect and improve access to work for local people?
  • How can we best safeguard the employment opportunities for the future?
  • What are the key threats, priorities and objectives?

These issues then became the basis for the April 2018 Household Survey and Consultation events (see links below), and helped the steering group to identify Planning objectives for the NDP exhibited at the September 2019 Local Policy Public Consultation events.  The results of these public consultations are also included in the report, and form the basis of the NDP draft Business, Economy and Jobs Policies (Dec 2020)

See the draft policies here:

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